Advanced Crime Scene Photography (Hardcover)

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Advanced Crime Scene Photography (Hardcover)


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The ability to thoroughly and accurately photograph a crime scene is a mandate for all investigators, regardless of the time of day, weather conditions, or confines within which a piece of evidence is concealed. Evidence is commonly found in locations that are some of the most difficult to access and photograph. Having the knowledge, wherewithal, and skills necessary to photograph evidence in less-than-accommodating environments is vital to a photographer's effectiveness and success.

Advanced Crime Scene Photography, Third Edition takes a somewhat different approach to the subject over prior editions. Rather than assuming a crime scene investigator's or photographer's comfort with the operation of their cameras--and a basic understanding of apertures, shutter speeds, ISO values, and basic exposure calculations--the author has added coverage to provide a thorough review of basic photographic concepts, as a refresher to readers. And, for those less familiar or otherwise new to photography, such background makes the foundational concepts more understandable for those readers who require such information to understand the more advanced techniques covered later in the book. In addition to this background coverage, an entirely new chapter has been added to provide essential guidance on how to prepare and testify in court.

Anyone with a camera phone can take a photograph in perfect lighting, with the subject sitting out in the open, and already positioned for the best composition. This book provides crime scene photographers with the skills necessary to record those same beautiful photographs in adverse condition, surrounded by tragedy, utilizing all the tools available to the investigator. The greatest tool a photographer has available to them is their brain. From start to finish, the value of quality crime scene photographs cannot be overemphasized; photographers must take control of their photographic endeavors, identify the challenges, design a plan to capture the image correctly, and then execute that plan.

As such Advanced Crime Scene Photograph, Third Edition is written to help photographers achieve the goal of capturing the best possible images--especially in those difficult-to-capture, real-world environments and conditions--for utilization in capture illustrative images as admissible evidence and for usage in court. All photographers need to practice their craft, whether they are actively working cases as seasoned veterans or are just beginning their careers. This book provides the knowledge and skills essential to achieve career and professional success in crime scene photography.

Christopher D. Duncan retired after 24 years with the Houston Police Department and 5 additional years with the Alexandria (VA) Sheriff's Office. Chris spent nearly 20 years assigned to the Crime Scene Unit and half of that time was spent working the nightshift. Chris has always enjoyed sharing his photographic insights, teaching photography courses around the United States. He has earned recognition by the State of Texas for Professional Achievement and as a Distinguished Member of the International Association for Identification (IAI). Chris earned board certification from the IAI as a Forensic Photographer, Bloodstain Pattern Analyst, and as a Senior Crime Scene Analyst. Chris now is focusing his teaching endeavors on the next generation of crime scene investigators by teaching high school criminal justice students.
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