The First-Time Mom's Breastfeeding Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide from First Latch to Weaning (Paperback)

The First-Time Mom's Breastfeeding Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide from First Latch to Weaning By Chrisie Rosenthal Cover Image

The First-Time Mom's Breastfeeding Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide from First Latch to Weaning (Paperback)


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The simple, effective breastfeeding guide for first-time parents

When you're learning to breastfeed your first baby, the right support is essential. The First-Time Mom's Breastfeeding Handbook is the perfect encouraging, nonjudgmental guide to take you week-by-week through the first year and beyond. This easy-to-use reference can answer your most pressing breastfeeding questions—and empower you to give your baby a healthy head start.

With insight from a professional lactation consultant (and mother of three), you'll get tons of fundamental knowledge, with advice for latching, positioning, establishing a feeding routine that fits your lifestyle, breast pumping and bottle feeding, and more. Learn how to troubleshoot 21 of the most common issues step-by-step during your first year and beyond—and get info on weaning whenever the time is right.

The First-Time Mom's Breastfeeding Handbook includes:
  • One step at a time—Find straightforward guidance as you progress through weekly and monthly breastfeeding goals for baby's first year.
  • For every mom—Get nonjudgmental support for your life and breastfeeding style, including advice and encouragement for working moms.
  • Health and wellness—Learn how to nurture your physical and mental health, and discover resources for when you need a little extra help.

Find support on your feeding journey with The First-Time Mom's Breastfeeding Handbook.
CHRISIE ROSENTHAL is a IBCLC (Lactation Consultant) in Los Angeles who has helped thousands of families reach their breastfeeding goals. She also supports families all over the world by providing virtual lactation consultations and virtual classes. Find her at or on Instagram @thelandofmilkandmommy.
Product Details ISBN: 9781647399504
ISBN-10: 1647399505
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: December 15th, 2020
Pages: 188
Language: English
“Parents' most common complaint is that they get different advice from everyone. This book offers evidence-based information in a nonjudgmental tone that prepares a parent for breastfeeding and detailed support for the entire first year. Every new and seasoned parent needs a copy of this book!” —Andrea Ramirez, IBCLC (

“I can't say enough good things about Chrisie Rosenthal's new book. It's at once informative, educational, and completely approachable. She never passes judgment on anyone's infant feeding goals, and this book perfectly captures that essence. The chapters are organized clearly so that anyone can pick up the book and glean valuable insight. The illustrations are inclusive, and the tone of the book is about empowerment and education! Chrisie is exactly the person you want to learn this stuff from. Can't recommend this book highly enough.” —Sarah Siebold, Lactation Consultant

“As both a mother and clinical psychologist, I highly recommend this book. In an easy to understand and articulate manner, Chrisie Rosenthal guides the reader through every step of the breastfeeding process. I wish I had a copy when my twins were born!” —Dr. Nancy Willinger, Clinical Psychologist