Identity Politics and Tribalism: The New Culture Wars (Societas) (Paperback)

Identity Politics and Tribalism: The New Culture Wars (Societas) Cover Image
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'Has the world gone mad?'...this is a question that we've heard time and again during the last years. Everyone is convinced that something is wrong with politics, the culture, and our society, but what exactly is the problem and how can we overcome it?

This book will guide the reader through a journey that will connect the dots on the various fronts of the culture wars. There is a thread that links together the various expressions of group and identity conflicts in today's West: from Left to Right, from Social Justice Warriors to Trumpites, from feminism to the manosphere, and from critical race theorists to white nationalists.

By the end of this book, readers will understand not only the root problem poisoning our culture and society, but also how to rise above it both in our private lives and as citizens.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781788360623
ISBN-10: 1788360621
Publisher: Societas
Publication Date: July 6th, 2021
Pages: 230
Language: English
Series: Societas