History of the Armenians: Volume 1 (Hardcover)

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Ghazar P'arpec'i's History of the Armenians was written at the end of the fifth or beginning of the sixth century. The first book of this three-book work begins with information concerning the division of Armenia between the Byzantine and Sasanian empires (in 387), and describes the invention of the Armenian alphabet and the abolition of the monarchy in the Iranian-controlled eastern sector (428) to the death of Catholicos Sahak (439). Book II describes the anti-Iranian Armenian uprising of 450/451 (the battle of Awarayr) led by Vardan Mamikonean, while Book III describes another anti-Iranian uprising led by Vardan's nephew, Vahan Mamikonean, and known as the Vahaneanc' (481-84). Volume 1 contains Books I and II.

The Sophene Armenian Library is illuminating and revitalizing the finest works of Armenian literature. The Sophene Dual Language series places the original Armenian text side-by-side with its English translation, making for the most accessible editions of the finest works of Armenian literature.

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