The Return: Literary Harvest Hotdish Edition

Saturday, October 8, 2022 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm


The return

Our species has marked seasonal transitional times in countless ways appropriate to their particular places.

A question pondered, what is appropriate for this place, now and going forward?

October is a great month to visit Algoma. Arguably the best. Being situated roughly halfway between the equator and the north pole also has its charm and comes with a distinct seasonal rhythm. It presents many opportunities for definition

So what of this then?

It's creative folks operating under a particular order, driven by the words, the art. They're tied together by Expat Press and they're all Midwesterners (excepting Manuel from Miami, via New York but I reckon this place, this pace will complement him well).

It's about exposing this place to those folks, it's about exposing those folks to this place and this seems the most appropriate time for all of that and whatever else we make of it along the way

With the full blessing of Expat Press, Yardstick and Folkvangr Farms present a reading from...
Big Bruiser Dope Boy
"Beeby is love"
from "the universe"

Gwen Hilton
“I used to be in the business of finding people.”
from Sent to the Silkworm House

Calvin Westra
"The first thing to know about the pig is he will jack off in front of you.
Also he sells drugs so good you'll let him do it. You'd be an idiot to say something"
from Donald Goines

Ted Prokash
"Black Darkness. Try it this way. Shut out the throbbing demon sun. Sweat out the terrors in the ass end of an ape. Dark, moist, sphinctal throb like the ticking inside the clock. The telltale heart. The terrible secret. The great septal defect." from A Club for Gentlemen

Brooke Nicole Plummer
"God is encrypted & becomes apparent 
through the individual’s deconstructed appositives 

the Vicodin offered before 
an Ethics exam challenged: 

“what is right when everything ends? 
what is wrong when everything ends?”
from Constantly & Universally (cowritten by Harry McNabb and Edward Wells)

Manuel Marrero
"Bienvenidos a la frontera" from Not Yet

Ceding control to heathens and degenerates will result in bedlam. To that and to the return of the long slow cold, with a nod to the tilting earth and always searching for more and better red letter days

We welcome you all

Event address: 
Yardstick Books
317 Steele Street
Algoma, WI 54201